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Professional Liability Practice

Polaris Solutions Inc. is a specialist who is experienced and well respected in the Canadian Insurance Market that is adept at placing associations insurance through an extensive contact base in both local and international insurance markets. Our highly professional and experienced team regularly place a wide variety of risks into the open market, across a number of classes and with a large range of insured values.

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We specialize in placing tailored solutions for a wide spectrum of
Primary and or Excess professional Liability risks coverage.

Miscellaneous Classes of Business

Abattoir E&O, Acoustic E&O, Actors E&O, Actuaries Errors and O, missions Insurance Adjusters E&O, Advertising Agents & Consultants E&O, Advertising Services E&O, * Aerial Surveyors E&O, Agricultural Consultants E&O, Agronomists E&O, Alarm Monitoring Services E&O, Analytical Research & Laboratories E&O, Animal & Pet Services E&O, Answering Services E&O, ) Anthologist E&O, Anthropologist E&O, Antique Dealers & Restorers E&O, Arbitrators, Judges & Mediators E&O, Archaeologists E&O, Aromatherapists E&O, Art Appraisers, Valuers & Restorers E&O, Artists E&O, Associations E&O, Auctioneers/Auction Houses E&O, Audiologists E&O, Bacteriologists E&O, Bailiffs E&O, Beauticians E&O, Bell Ringers E&0 Biochemical Therapists E&O, Biologists E&O, Blacksmiths E&O, Boat & Shipping Services E&O, Boat Registrars E&O, Bookkeepers E&O, Broadcasting Services E&O, Brokers E&O, Building Surveyors & Consultants E&O, Business Brokers / Managers E&O, Business Transfer Agents E&O, Case Administrator E&O, Charities E&O, Chartered Secretaries E&O, Chauffeurs & Driving Services E&O, Chefs & Cooking Services E&O, Chimney Sweeps E&O, Cholesterol Testors E&O, Cladding & Coating Specialists E&O, Claims Adjusters & Administrators E&O, * Cleaning Services E&O, Coaches E&O, Comedians E&O, Communication & Network Consultants Exhibition, Conference & Banquet O, rganisers E&O, Expert Medical Witness (Excluding Medical Examinations) E&O, (application) Expert Witness E&O, Export & Customs E&O, Fashion Services E&O, Fencing Consultant E&O, Film Crew E&O, Fire Control Specialists E&O, Fisherman/Women / Consultant E&O, Fish Consultant E&O, Florists E&O, Flood Control Consultant E&O, Food Inspectors E&O, Forensic & Accident Investigators E&O, Forensic Analysts E&O, Forestry Consultants E&O, Franchisers E&O, Freight Container Surveyors & Inspectors E&O, Freight Forwarders E&O, Futurists E&O, Gardner E&O, Geologists E&O, Grant Administrators E&O, Graphic Designers E&O, Graphoanalysis E&O, Guards E&O, Habitat Consultant E&O, H.V.A.C. & Plumbing Consultants E&O, Hair Replacement E&O, Hairdresser E&O, Health & Safety Consultants E&O, Health Screening E&O, Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning E&O, Home Help E&O, Horticultural Consultants E&O, Hotel & Hostel Services E&O, House Moving Services E&O, Human Resources Consultants E&O, Independent medical examiners E&O, (application) Industrial O, ccupational E&O, Inoculation/Travel Centre E&O, Inspection Services (Quality & Quantity) E&O, Inspectors E&O, Insurance Adjusters & Surveyors E&O, Insurance Brokers E&O, Insurance Consultants E&O, Interior Designers E&O, Interpreters E&O, Investigators E&O, Iron Mongers & Scrap Metal Merchants E&O, It Consultants E&O, Jewelers E&O, Jewelry Appraisers & Valuers E&O, Journalists E&O, Judges & Magistrates E&O, Land Owner / Manager E&O, Land Surveyors E&O


Available in BC | Alberta | Yukon

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Our professional and experienced broking team regularly place a wide variety of risks across a number of classes of business with a large range of insured values.